Hinge & Jamb Paint - 1 Quart Kit
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Monstaliner Hinge & Jamb Paints are exact color matched UV permanent acrylic enamels that compliment your Monstaliner when painting door jambs, door edges, surface mount Jeep hinges, interior door panels and even a large roof on a van or SUV. Available in all 68 Monstaliner colors.

Complete vehicle color changes are now simplified by not having to use liner on these hard to reach areas. Jamb paints can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. When doing an oversized vehicle such as a van or SUV, you can save some money by painting the roof of the vehicle instead of lining it.

Coverage: 1 Quart of Hinge & Jamb Paint covers 100 square feet in 1 coat. Since 2 coats are recommended this means you will get 50 square feet from 1 quart.
A 4 door Jeep JKU has XX square feet of area to coat when painting the jambs and edges of the 4 doors and the rear door. See below for directions...

Jamb Painting Kit includes:
1 x Quart color matched jamb paint
1 x Mini Roller Pan
1 x Mini Roller Frame
2 x Mini Roller Covers
2 x 2" Foam Brushes
2 x 1" Foam Brushes

Directions: Remove any hardware, seals or gaskets that are easily accessible and won’t cause hardships to reinstall. Scuff all previously painted surfaces with 120 grit sandpaper or scotch brite hand pads. Solvent clean surfaces using MEK, acetone or grease and wax remover. Mask off all edges, seals and gaskets to protect from paint. Pull all tape immediately following final coat.

For Brushing/Rolling: Do not thin hinge and door jam paint. Using supplied black foam brushes and small rollers, apply first coat and allow to dry to the touch, generally 2 to 4 hours depending on temperatures. Apply second coat and allow to dry overnight. If desired, apply first coat one day and second coat the next day. There is no recoat window so you do not need to scuff between coats.

For Spraying:  Reduce 10% with MEK, xylene or acetone. Spray using HVLP or traditional paint gun with a 1.4 tip @ 40-45 PSI

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Hinge & Jamb Paint - 1 Quart Kit

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